Couch to CrossFit is a program for anyone and everyone! Look forward to a welcoming environment that reduces stress, deflates any CrossFit myths, is FUN, and ultimately provides an avenue for ongoing success. Participants will be motivated, ready to take over the world, and begin their journey to being stronger, faster, and healthier!

Read this before joining the program...

In addition to attending ALL scheduled workouts you'll need to adhere to the nutrition plan we recommend if you want to get real results.

Each week there will be 3 scheduled workout sessions of varying intensity. We expect you to attend all workouts.

The results you get will be directly correlated to how hard you work. Follow what we say and you'll do well. 

We want people who are eager to succeed, even when things get tough.

We don't deal in tricks or fads. This program is not a magic bullet. It is difficult, but it works!

The program is suitable for beginners, but you must have the desire to learn proper movement and willing to give your all out effort during training.


Couch 2 CrossFit is a 3 day a week program starting on Monday June 1.  The group will meet for 1 hour long sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm.

"I started doing CrossFit over 3 years ago. I absolutely love it! I have learned so much (and I am still learning) I am stronger at 53 years old than I have ever been, I'm a better runner and I challenge myself every workout! I have met so many great people! Johnny and Mindy Layne the owners of CrossFit Intense are the best! I have had many awesome coaches over the years too! My husband, children and extended family do CrossFit also! Actually I was introduced to CrossFit by my sister. My son has his CrossFit certification and is a coach and works harder than anyone I know at becoming an elite CrossFit athlete! My daughter who is physically handicapped does modified workouts and my other daughter at 16 is crazy strong! I hope I can keep doing it for many years to come because it has truly changed my life for the better!" - Robin H 

"I wanted to send you a note of thanks for everything that you do on a daily basis to make Intense a really amazing experience for everyone. This week is my one year anniversary for CrossFit, and I could not be happier with my experience and results so far. I definitely had a rough start with never lifting a weight before, but I feel like in the last few months everything finally clicked together for me, and I have been having really great results (PR or ER!). This is by far the strongest and most fit I have ever been in my life and I’m so optimistic on where I’m heading! Even more than the fitness, CrossFit has given me so much more confidence and has improved my life overall. I’m very excited for what CrossFit Intense has in store, and I just wanted to let you know that all the hard work you put in from WOD programming to planning events to coaching and building a real CrossFit community here is greatly, greatly appreciated." - Marc K

"I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible year at CFI. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into the gym and its people; you make it feel like a second family. CrossFit has give me such a sense of confidence and accomplishment and I owe that to the two of you. Thank for being great coaches and even better people." - Hannah S

"The most inspirational gym you'll ever set foot in. I've made lifetime friends & lifestyle changes & I couldn't have done it anywhere else!" - Cora G

"It's a playground for adults with lots of fun toys and people. Come play with us!!" - Amber M

""Just wanted to message you and Mindy. I couldn't tell you both how thankful I am for you guys. Today I went to the mall and tried on an outfit and a bathing suit that I would have never worn before CrossFit, and bought them!! You two and your program has affected me in so many different positive ways! Can't wait to see you affect more and more as the new building comes into play!"" - Kylee

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